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Liquor & Wine Specials
Jack Daniels Black Label 1.75 $37.99 1 Case Limit
Old Overholt Rye 750ml $14.99 1 Case Limit
Old Tub Bourbon 750ml $14.99 1 Case Limit
New Amsterdam Gin 1.75 $17.99 1 Case Limit
Canadian Mist 1.75 $11.99 1 Case Limit
Parrot Bay Coconut Rum 1.75 $14.99 1 Case Limit
Apothic Red 750ml $9.99 1 Case Limit
Rex Goliath All Varietals 1.5L $7.99 1 Case Limit
Hogue Wine All Varietals 750ml $4.59 No Limit
Beer Specials
Michelob Ultra 30pks $22.99 No Limit
Busch & Busch Light 30pks $17.99 No Limit
Bud & Bud Light 24 Bottles $16.99 No Limit
Blue Moon 2-12pk Bottles $25.99 No Limit
Sam Adams Cold Snap 24pk Bottles $14.99 No Limit
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon 24pk Cans$12.99 No Limit
21st Amendment Hell or High Mango 24pk Cans $12.99 No Limit
Allagash White 2-12pk Cans $31.99 No Limit
Cigar City Jai Alai 2-12pk Cans $32.99 No Limit
Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale 15pk Cans $15.99 No Limit
Oskar Blues Canundrum 15pk Cans $15.99 No Limit
Oskar Blues Lager 15pk Cans $14.99 No Limit
Bud Light Seltzers All Varietals 2-12pks $24.99 No Limit



Vlamis Liquors is proud to offer a wide selection. If you do not see something, please reach out to us!