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Weddings & Other Services

Planning your event beverage menu can be a challenge, especially when you’re planning a wedding. It’s safe to figure on “one drink per person, per hour” but you want to make sure you allow for those who may want more… or less. In addition to the handy Beverage Calculator we offer on this page, we can also provide expertise to help you plan the variety of beverages that pair well with your food menu.

What About the Bubbly?

A wedding ceremony isn’t complete without a Champagne (or Sparkling Wine) toast. Vlamis Liquors carries a wide variety of sparkling products to celebrate the moment without breaking the budget. You’ll find all types of sparkling wines from Barefoot “Spritz” products to Dom Perignon and everything in-between. Just a reminder, you can NOW save time by ordering ONLINE for pickup.

To discuss YOUR upcoming event:


Beverage Calculator

Special note: This calculator is designed to give you a rough idea of what will be needed for AVERAGE drinkers. ALWAYS follow-up your calculation with a CALL to our store so we can help refine details as far as “light” or “heavy” drinkers, beverage preferences, and event date(s).

Pairing With Wine, Beer and Spirits

The key to a successful event menu is the right combination of foods and beverage. Although you can’t dictate to your guests what they should be drinking, you can select products that will pair well with the foods you will be serving. Below we offer a handful of resources we think you’ll find helpful: